Note on 1-120 WoW Powerleveling

We all know that world of warcraft is a role playing game that over the past 5 years has swept the world of internet gaming by storm. It is now boasting over 4 million players and this number is set to grow. As a result a number of guides have been written on the best way to power level your characters to get the best experience out of the game. As the saying goes, only the strong survive and in world of warcrat this is definitely the order of the day and is why you must really work hard to get your character up the levels as fast as you can; that is unless you fancy the prospect of spending your time in servers where the not so skilled players tend to be relegated to and looked down upon by more capable players.Check out this site:1-120 WoW Powerleveling.

If your character is languishing at level 10 or less it is possibly because you are either new at this game and still learning, or because you have not had the time to grind your way to the top. Either way it sounds like you could use some help to speed up your progress in the game. Some guides out there can actually help you to powerlevel your character whether he or she belongs to the horde or the alliance and this is why two guides that will help are probably the best for this purpose.

If you are an alliance player one guide that will help you short cut your progress to level 70 is the one written by Brian Kopp. It lays out quite thoroughly every quest and routes you need to take to get to level 70. It is presented in a membership area with maps and clear directions which if you follow to the letter will work as advertised. The only draw back is that if you are looking to get a feel for the whole game then you will probably miss out a bit – but if you are looking to power level your wow character as soon as possible then this guide will do just that.

For those of you that play on the horde side the guide of choice, and it has been thus for a long time, is Joana’s guide. So named due to the fact that this is the character that the author used to achieve level 60 (and level 70) also in less than a week. Another character used is Mancow as well as each race in the horde. With this guide you not only get everything the same way as Kopp’s guide but you will get videos that show you exactly what is already laid out in the instructions and maps which proves that this works and works well at that.

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